The Earth and Seed


It's in the warmth of a hardwood floor heated by the radiators singing. It's in the lights that rush by your silent car. I remember breathing in stinging breathes of cold when I unhinged your locks. I recall the slippery slopes we went sliding in that big old Cadillac. 1978 is a year of steel and iron. It is the time of the unions!

There was a shirt worn by one who taught me how to listen. An old black man strums the strings on an old pawn shop guitar. I'd give him change if he'd ask but you know his secrets aren't for sale. I'd hum the tunes of all time in her ear but you know the key is always changing.

I see it in the poolside dive of splashing water crashing into the face of lovers longing. I watch them dry you up away from me. Towels are for bleeding, not bruising, and I have black and blue and purple dancing all around my chest. I could call myself a witness to midnight phone calls of changing names.

Should I never stop or find myself dying. It's the train of though that a locomotion keeps charging. I swore you knocked at 2am when all the lights were faded. Not a shadow on the wall to tell you there is life here. Call me November and find me driving on switchblade curves of conversation and midnight talk of possibility. Call me the coffin as I sit here nailing. It is done this time, my dear. Throw your dirt and leave the shovel.

Send me a message on Thanksgiving. Keep me exploding on the Fourth of July. March into your battle of independance. Surrender to your need for utter and complete co-dependence. You have sold the story for so many to read but the words just keep on changing. Deliver your papers of malcontent. Someday the times will soon forget. Watch me turn your news to kindling when someone brings you yesterday.

Has the sun met me with a shine? Has the moon caught me in it's cycle? I have met you once again and you are starbright! I have met you for the first time and you are the comet tying me to it's tail.

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