The Earth and Seed


Dreams are ignited by the sun! They are found somewhere in the rays or radiation. Ignited by flames distantly brewing a tonic of enlightenment. I sit staring at the windows debating the motions it will take to lift myself up, fling widely the curtains and lie back down to receive the spark. "Bring the burn," I call within myself hoping it will catch the tail of an ultraviolet beam. I've shut the lips of my eyes and puckered. Kiss me with a vision or a startling epiphony. Send me walking the aisles of epic fantasy. The blankets and sheets are cool and I'm floating within them waiting for your flood.

For days I have been burying myself with the plan. Drying the well of my current thirsts. I have tired thoughts of budgets and spending. Taxes are evaded and boxes packed. Looking it over, the papers and figures are making it all seem so hermitic. So disciplined! Suppress the desires and stay out of the mire. It's a muddy puddle of meditation that I don't normally have the boots to wade through. But I must always remind myself that attachments will only keep your arms tied and your wallet empty.

Months from now I will be leaving. The car will be started and the doors left locked. All so that I can reappear.

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